Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Miss Quinceanera Magazine Cover Girl

Last weekend I had the honor of being a judge for the Miss Quinceanera Magazine Covergirl Pageant.  What a treat that was for me.  15 girls around the age of 15 competed for 3 spots to be the covergirl for the 2011 magazine.  The event was held at Knott's Berry Farm Resort Hotel in Buena Park. 

The event was carried out in three stages:  Casual Dress, Cocktail Dress, Evening Gown, and Finalists.  We were to judge them on Beauty, Presence, Confidence, Speech and Etiquette.

In the Casual stage the girls introduced themselves mentioning where they are from.  All were dressed in the official "Miss Cover Girl" t-shirt with black pants and high heels and carried a surprise accessory. 

In the second stage the girls appeared in co
cocktail dresses and explained why they wanted to be the quinceaneras magazine cover girl.

Just before intermission the current Miss Quinceaneras Magazine Cover Girl, Miss Priscilla  Lopez, sang a couple of songs.  What a beautiful and fantastic voice this young girl has!

In the third stage the girls appeared in their evening gowns and walked the runway.

There were also two extra prizes for Miss Photogenic, selected by the event photographer, and Miss Congeniality, selected by the contestants!

Eight candidates with the highest scores were selected to remain for the finalist round.  They answered questions that were asked randomly.  The questions were pre-selected and handed to the master of ceremonies who asked the questions of the contestants.

Congratulations to the three beautiful winners.  We all felt that they all were winners though!  I was truly honored to have been asked to be a judge in this wonderful contest.  Thank you Norma Capatanachi for giving me this great opportunity!
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