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Sporting Vintage Wedding Shoes -- The Newest Trend

Your Best Information Source | Celebrities' newest trend, sport some vintage wedding shoes on that special day.

Celebrities' newest trend, sport some vintage wedding shoes on that special day.

By: peter dolvanovich

Styles are always evolving, and while that takes place, what's old becomes new. One of the most recent, and hip styles embraced by celebrities is sporting vintage wedding shoes on that important, memorable occasion.

Now as wedding accessories go, possibly the most important decision for any bride to make is her bridal shoes. That undoubtedly comes in second place only to her choice of her wedding dress. They'll heighten the entire outfit, regardless of it's conventional or completely unique.

The wedding shoes need to accent the gown and offer absolute comfort throughout what's going to become quite a long and certainly special day. Remember that you will be wearing the vintage shoes from very early that morning until last thing at night. Obviously no bride wants to be stuck in pain when she could be concentrating on her new husband and all of the guests!

Now obviously there are lots of trends of bridal heels, thinking about heel height, toe styles, fabric and colors, and all those factors must be carefully considered.

Pick a heel height and toe style that will both accent your wedding gown as well as make you you relaxed. As long as you're used to wearing a flatter pump, decide on a flatter pump.

And when you go for that final wedding dress try on, make certain to bring your shoes. Any last second changes to shoe height might leave the hem of the gown too long or quite a bit too short. In fact, it will be better if you could bring your preferred pumps for every appointment, from first to last.

Materials range from satin to lace. Plus many of these are readily available in a variety of colors and styles. Don't be scared to experiment with colors other than just white either.

Let's say that your dress has red features, then try a different pump to bring them out. Or how about matching the colour of the shoes to the look of your bridesmaids' dresses? You can even make your shoes be the something blue in your wedding day.

Silk shoes work rather well with shiny dresses, silk with matt style dresses and, obviously, lace heels with any lace gown is the best decision.

In reality, vintage wedding shoes are a popular choice, because the look and fabric will accent most wedding dresses, specifically the more traditional dresses, and are readily available in a large choice of heel heights and designs to give comfort for any future wife.

Small embellishments on the chosen wedding pump might give that extra bit of class. So consider crystals on shoes if your dress is sparkly or sheen while beaded heels go quite well with dresses that have lace accents.

You should also consider the kind of wedding that you are holding. The traditional daylight wedding will be wearing a vintage wedding pump, whilst a sophisticated night wedding would let you have strappy sandals or similar. If you are having a beach wedding, then high heels are a definite no go, pick a flat shoe type.

Are you getting married in the summer? Then an open toed look will be quite fine. Getting married in the winter, then, you will definitely want a covered toe design to keep those feet warm. Again, both styles are accessible in most vintage wedding shoes.

And another great tip, that we now know from experience is that if you get your wedding shoes ahead of time, then you should be sure to wear them for a couple of weeks before the big day comes. Why should you? Because you will be able to break them in a little, well before the wedding even comes. That can give you a big leg up of true comfort, once that big day eventually comes.

One last thing, if you're wondering if getting an original pair of vintage wedding shoes is out of your budget or just is too pricey for you, remember that you could always shop online. Lots of brides that shop online wind up saving at least forty percent off of what they would have spent, if they were buying by retail. So just start up your favorite browser and get looking. A contemporary survey has now shown that on the typical wedding, you could save around $1000, just by ordering or finding everything you want on the internet.

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