Wednesday, March 11, 2009

2009 Wedding Trends

Outdoor Weddings
Barns, wineries, vineyards, backyards, hilltops with a view. . . Tent weddings are all the rage! Outdoor settings can be personalized to reflect a spirited and casual vibe, or totally elegant. The d├ęcor possibilities are endless.

Vintage Inspired
It’s the ultimate in recycling ‐ from vintage cake toppers to vases and pottery for your centerpieces to completely mis‐matched vintage china settings, a return to “all things old” makes for a beautiful and relaxed ambience. If the mother or grandmother’s wedding dress is not a viable option, have it re‐created from a picture!

Local Farm Produce, Eggs and Meats
From pesticide‐free flowers to organic menus, local farms are the best place for everything fresh and abundant. When the Chef goes shopping, make sure he wears his chef’s jacket so the locals can see he supports the community. Nice to list the name of the farm on your menus as well.

Something that Creates a “Buzz”
Personal and whimsical touches add just the perfect “something extra” that brides are looking for. Have just one unexpected thing that guests will talk about for decades to come ‐ incorporating their grandmother's best recipe as part of the menu, a champagne station in the restroom, a whimsical favor from the city in which the bride & groom met, or forgoing favors and making charity donations. Even in the most sophisticated of events, just one whimsical touch will get guests talking and give them something to remember.

Color Combos & Patterns!
One of everyone’s favorite things to speculate on! This year waves goodbye to pastels and hello to rich colors like navy, orange with dark ruby reds, plum, and amber. Chocolate brown is still a great color to mix with, however basic black is coming back strong – brown has had the spotlight for too long! The ever sophisticated black comes on strong in 2009, and carries through into flowers, cakes and accent colors (your bridesmaids will thank you forever for this one if they get to wear a “little black dress”!)

Bronzes and coppers are the metallic of choice this year.

For people looking for a color that reflects a fresh, new beginning, beautiful bright greens make a great splash. Especially fun if paired with other “brights” – robin’s egg blue, bright yellow or orange.

Patterns everywhere, mixed and matched – linens, bridesmaid’s dresses, china. . .Toile, florals, damask, polka dots, even gingham – there’s a pattern to fit any mood and style.

Tapas and Sample Stations
Great for sophisticated evening weddings, or when you’re short on space for a sit‐down

Also fun for a cocktail hour, creating an “urban lounge” atmosphere.

“Foodies” love tasting bars ‐ every whim granted! Wine and cheese stations will be
educational as well if you hire a professional sommelier to provide pairing pointers.

Update the “old standards” with fresh takes on the menus – breathe new life into
“South of the Border”, “Asian infused” and “Americana”.

Ethnic Entertainment.

To showcase the different cultural backgrounds of the bride & groom, try one ethnic mix
for the cocktail hour and a different one for dinner and dancing.

Wedding Logos
Still hot into 2009, graphic elements create a unified look for your wedding stationery,
and can be anything from a flower to a bird, to a non‐representational graphical
element. They may reflect the location of the wedding, the wedding theme, or one of
the bride & groom’s favorite things.

Libations, Wine Collections, Bar Chefs and Awesome Signature drinks.

Wine is still a major focus in 2009 – pair for your client, offer to pour their own
collection with a corkage fee (offer to decant as well).

Bar Chefs are all the rage, creating “Signature drinks” fro the bride and groom, and
creating drink “recipes” that pair beautifully with the menu and incorporate local fresh
herbs, produce and purees (yes, produce!) such as a 6‐flavor bellini bar with fruit purees
(peach, pomegranate) and fresh herbs (mint lavender, fresh flowers).

Champagne bar ‐ pick your favorite bottles of bubbly and don't forget the mixers, such
as Chambord, Midori, cranberry juice, and pineapple juice. Guests will have so much fun
making their own signature cocktails.

Along with the vintage craze, “vintage” cocktails are back as well. Make sure your
bartenders brush up on their “Manhattans” and “Sidecars”.

Late Night Snacks
Guests need a little “pick‐me‐up” as the night goes on. . .! Gourmet popcorn or french
fries served in brown paper cups or mini Chinese food containers, after dinner cheese
boards, tray passed sweets like cheesecake lollipops, mini ice cream sandwiches, mini
root beer floats, and warm chocolate chip cookies with milk shots – make it fun and

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