Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Tailor Ruined My Hem

The other day I had a client that had ordered her flip flops with a 3 inch heel. She had them for a couple of months but hadn't worn them. They were the "Sweet Dreams Lace Platforms" in white. she had written to me "I LOVE THEM! The problem is, the girl at the bridal salon was wrong. She told me I would need a three inch heel. I went for my fitting, and when the dress is all tightened up, I only need a flat shoe...MAYBE a half an inch."

She thought it might be too late to exchange them and that there might not be enough time to get a new pair. We have a new flip flop with the fabric straps and a 1/2 inch heel. We made them for her right away and she was able to make her fitting. They came out beautiful with that low heel!

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