Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wine Tasting at Home

This weekend I had the honor of hosting a wine party for my best friend's "Thirty Something Party!" It was nice to celebrate at home and

have someone come in to educate us about the various wines. We learned some cool techniques that I am sure most of us will probably try, sampled wines, learned what we did and didn't like about the wines, I realized my best friend has a bionic nose that could actually smell the cherries in the wine! LOL! Overall it was a really fun night, that left us giggling, very happy ;-), but most importantly we were able to celebrate someone who is very special to us all!

The in home wine party is a really cool concept and is perfect for a birthday celebration, bridal shower, or for an intimate get together of friends. For our event I used Cindy from Tasty Vines to showcase a sample of their wine selection. If you are looking to host a wine party, you can contact Cindy at cindy@tastywines.com or 714.970.6380.

Thank you Cindy!!!! :-)

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